About Us

Nice to meet you!
We are Magdiel and Ana.
Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul, South Korea. September 2014

Cheonggyecheon Stream, Seoul, South Korea. September 2014

Our blog name, Mojito y Cafe, is a reference to the countries where we were born.  Magdiel was born in Cuba, and Ana was born in Colombia.  Both of us have dual nationality and we recommend that everybody get a second passport if they can!  

As of January 2017 we have visited the following countries:

One of our goals is to live abroad, permanently or for as long as we can, and in order to reach that goal we are selling a lot of our stuff on Ebay and Craigslist.  It’s working out well enough that we can comfortably pay our bills.  Ultimately we are working toward a location independent job and lifestyle.

National Museum of Korean Contemporary History, Seoul, South Korea. September 2014

How do we travel so much?
Well, we have information in Spanish about how to travel with miles, but not much in English.  We decided to post about traveling with miles mostly in Spanish because there is a wealth of information online (in English) about that subject.  Some of the best blogs out there are:
Million Mile Secrets
The Points Guy
One Mile at a Time
Chris Guillebeau
And now… the stuff we personally use to live and travel:

(Buying through our link will probably give you a discount, and earn us a small commission.  So we both win! We only recommend products & services we personally use.)

mojitoycafeOur Ebay store
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Some of our travel gear:
SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack
Canon PowerShot SX series Camera
GoPro Hero
Money Belt with Passport Sleeve
Plug Adapter with 220V to 110V Converter
Travel Umbrella
Refillable Toiletry Travel Containers
Dual Voltage Travel Iron
Dual Voltage Travel Blow Dryer

*Uber discount varies by city