Colombia’s Silent Coffee Revolution

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“Colombia” is synonymous with good coffee.  The world’s best coffee.
"Tinto", Calarca, Quindio, Colombia. December 2015

“Tinto”, Calarca, Quindio, Colombia. December 2015

However, on many trips to Colombia over the years, we would bring home bags of local coffee as souvenirs for family and friends, but were constantly disappointed in the low-quality coffee we would purchase in Colombia.

This reflected a sad reality: The best Colombian coffee did not stay in Colombia for local consumption.  It was always exported.

A few months ago we visited Colombia and saw a big change.  We had heard about it, on blogs, on social networks.. We had seen the pictures on Instagram and Twitter.  But now we saw it in person.

The very first time we noticed this subtle change, we had stopped in at a small bakery for a “tinto” (a typical cup of black coffee).  An American friend ordered a mochaccino.  Surely she noticed it was a fraction of the price at Starbucks.  To our surprise and delight, she was presented with a delicious work of art!

Mochaccino, Calarca, Quindio, Colombia. December 2015

Mochaccino, Calarca, Quindio, Colombia. December 2015

That experience opened our eyes.  From that day forward we noticed that the quality of the coffee served within Colombia had greatly improved since our last trip.  There had been a silent (and tasty) revolution over the past few years.  Today, high quality Colombian coffee is being enjoyed, more than ever, within Colombia.

Of course, there has always been good quality coffee served at the high-end stores, Juan Valdez and Oma, catering to the international or business client.  But now, we were finding the same excellent coffee in the small cafés and bakeries and local eateries.

Cafe Quindio, Armenia, Quindio, Colombia. December 2015

Cafe Quindio, Armenia, Quindio, Colombia. December 2015

And on this quest, we discovered the beautiful Cafe Quindío en Armenia.

2015 November Colombia 388

2015 November Colombia 389

2015 November Colombia 385

Here we learned about four of the common methods for brewing coffee:

  • Filtration
  • Steeping
  • Cold brew
  • Espresso

We also learned the difference between a latte and a cappuccino, and between a ristretto and a lungo.  And yes, we’re now quite impressed with our coffee knowledge.

Cafe Quindio, Armenia, Quindio, Colombia. December 2015

2015 November Colombia 381

2015 November Colombia 382

The tasteful decorations and relaxing ambience stoked our expectations for the aromatic coffee.

2015 November Colombia 392

2015 November Colombia 398

What do you think?  Have you noticed the silent coffee revolution within Colombia?  What is your favorite place to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in Colombia?

Travel details:

Charlotte-Atlanta on American Airlines

  • Spent 4,500 British Airways Avios to flly Economy
  • Paid about $5 in taxes

Atlanta-Bogota on American Airlines & LAN

  • Atlanta-Miami on American Airlines
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Bogota-Armenia on Avianca

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