How to Ship a Car Bumper to Puerto Rico

… because someday, somewhere… somebody is going to Google that exact phrase. (Yes, we did.)
Isuzu Axiom bumper

Isuzu Axiom bumper

And here are the top 5 ways to (possibly) ship (or not) a (fairly large) car bumper to Puerto Rico:


5. United States Postal Service: not going to happen.  Maximum dimensions allowed are much smaller if the shipment is going outside the Continental US.  Even thought it’s technically not an international shipment.  And try debating the definition of “girth” of a car bumper with a USPS representative… Or better yet, try Googling that.


4.  “Paqueterias”: loosely translates as “freight forwarders to Latin America”.  All the ones in our area would ship almost anything to almost any country in Central American, South America, or the Caribbean.  Except Puerto Rico, of course.  We did find one company in Miami that would ship to Puerto Rico, but the car bumper was too big.  Of course.

3.  Car shippers:  Nope.  They can ship an entire car to Puerto Rico, but not a car bumper.  Not even in a little corner of a container.


2.  FedEx or UPS:  both were willing to ship the bumper.  On a pallet, as international freight.  For $1,500.  Really, this thing weighs all of 13 pounds.  At this point, you’re better off just buying a whole new car.


1.  Buy a round trip flight for yourself and take it with you as oversized checked in baggage.  Or better yet, maybe your dedicated Ebay seller would be pleased to deliver it for you in exchange for a round trip ticket to La Isla del Encanto.  Because, really, after 3 days of running around with a shrink wrapped car bumper in the back of their van, that Ebay seller will probably need a vacation.

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